Pics tell Stories! 作為一位攝影師,必需與時並進!


From: “Shop at Top” 

July 2008, Wedding Magazine

It's true, I think a photographer should add more artistic mind and direction into the images. And I think a photographer should keep in touch with the trend, fashion, designs, subculture, etc. These are the main factors that affect our styles of photography.  

A pic is a body, a soul is the story! 




3 thoughts on “Pics tell Stories! 作為一位攝影師,必需與時並進!”

  1. Many thanks for visiting my blog, I do very agree of what you said in this topic!   
    [版主回覆08/07/2008 12:27:00]Thanks a lot! Let's work harder together for the HK wedding photography! And the couples too!

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