Cindy & James

Lovely Weather, Happy Couple!

Cindy and James really impress me with their passion and gentle. They trust me as their friend ever since we met at the first time at my studio. They never questioned our quality of service nor the artistic input. And what's more is Cindy and James really enjoyed their wedding day, I saw their smiles always, especially when the shutter is being triggered or the video cam is loading.

Thanks Cindy! Thanks James!

God Bless!

When the Dragon meets the Phoenix.

Gals are always worth waiting!

A Cheerful bride.

James: I'm Ready!

Happy moments to share!

A Precious moment!

Hold me TIGHT!

A large group!

Beautiful gown, beautiful bride!

Stay cool!

The Sweetest smile!

The Marching-in.

Cindy & James really enjoy our same day editing of the video.



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