Awarded from Wedding Magazine (Best Photography)

Finally, the trophy came in hand.

After 8 years in the field, more and more experiences gained. And this is a real good opportunity to let me have some review of myself and my career.

2000 – I started as an assistant to a famous wedding photographer (worked as part time for 3 months)

2000 – Started my own homepage about wedding photography, built my web

2001 – Listed under National Wedding Photographer, first Asian to be included in the network of a US based wedding photojournalist association

2002 – Started to shoot other fields of photography, expo, glamour…

2003 – Having my 100th wedding photography job

2004 – Getting some changes in my photography life

2005 – Chief Photographer for the corporate project of COSCO 

         – Chief Photographer for the HOFEX trade show

         – several interviews by magazines, see my former blogs

2006 – Chief Photographer for the ALX trade show

2007 – Chief Photographer for the HOFEX trade show

         – Shooting aboard at Italy, for wedding and for travel photography, interviewed by In's Magazine see details –*

2008 – Chief Photographer for the ALX trade show

2009 – Award Winning! Best Wedding Photography! Ready to have the wonderful and fruitful year!



經過8年的努力,累積得越來越多的經驗。這是一個真正的好機會,讓我有一些反思 – 我自己和我的職業。

2000 – 為香港著名的婚禮攝影師作助理(Part-time工作了3個月)


2001年-第一位被列入該美國的婚禮攝影組織的亞洲攝影師的 National Wedding Photographer

2002 -開始拍攝其他領域的攝影展,展覽,企業項目…



2005年-首席攝影師 – 企業項目 – 中遠 

          -首席攝影師 – HOFEX展覽會


2006 -首席攝影師 – ALX貿易展

2007 -首席攝影師 – HOFEX展覽會


2008 -首席攝影師 – ALX貿易展




5 thoughts on “Awarded from Wedding Magazine (Best Photography)”

  1. 堅呀…….繼續努力!!!!
    [版主回覆02/18/2009 23:22:00]我一直在努力中,唔敢怠慢!

  2. 恭喜晒呀~ 原來你咁厲害~~ ^^ 我上次睇完你同我表哥 (Andy) 影既結婚相, 真係覺得好正呀~~  除左d相之外, 我覺得你好有心機架~~原完唔係人地普通哥d是是但但交功課就算哥種呀~~ 雖然有排都未嫁得出~ 不過好希望將來可以邀請你同我影結婚相呀~~ 繼續努力呀~~ ^0^
    [版主回覆02/18/2009 23:22:00]WOW! Yeah! Thanks a lot !

  3. 恭喜晒呀~ 努力既成果~ 加油呀~
    [版主回覆03/25/2009 00:23:00]Hi Gary !
    Thanks a lot!
    And I think you're the one that started to shoot models few years ago, I think I saw your online album before…

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