Tailor Made Wedding Photography – by Gary Li

The Same Venue, with varied possiblities.

Hight Street, one of my best choices for Wedding Portrait Shooting and Pre Wedding Shooting. Been here for around 10 times but every time is new to me.

Clients I met recently asked what's by special effect, colour in black & white, different layers of a photo, see , the two are answering your questions themselves.

Back to basic, B&W is my best choice to be shot in Wedding. Colour would sidetrack or distract you from the subjects, but B&W do the best. And you can feel how a moment is freezed, it seems that it's still moving, growing, but slowly, very slowly.

Magic moment! Cat —-> Lovely  —->Bride  —-> Handsome Groom  —-> Curious Bridesmaid  —-> helpful buddy!

How can I miss the Rolls Royce in Peninsula Green? But the interior are comfortable too, romance glows…

Shooting at the soft adverse lighting makes the scenerio be more amazing!

Congradtulations Janet & Haenry! Thanks for inspiring me with your passions and love! I can still remember the love the sparkling in your eyes. 



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