You're in my heart, You're in my Soul!

Like old friends, we don't have to speak a word, but with FULL TRUST.

I met Connie 1.5 years ago, after the first interview, she confirmed to invite me to be her photographer, very soon.

Since then, we didn't see each other for about a year. But when we meet again at my studio to go through the Photo Montage of her photos, we'd just like old friends, talk and talk and share lots.

How sweet and natural. Can you see Connie's hand and Ka Chun's happiness?

Not only hand in hand but we share the same pace.

SWEET from her heart.


I'd never miss or quit taking the standard photo with standard portraits. I believe this kind of pics will be timeless and last forever.

Another sample of TIMELESS.

Wedding is a Trend, Living is a Trend, of cause, Wedding Photography is a Trend too. How could I remain unchanged? I love to challenge myself and to breakthrough! You can see my nickname at MSN "Get Over It", inspired by song of The Eagles.

We have many difficulties and obstacles to Get Over, when you're alone on the bed or in a quiet room, you'll find that you'll lazy to Get Over the "ME" from yesterday. But come on, give it a try, it's not that hard, babe!


Same pose, same moment, but from other side, Ka Chun seems really enjoy the warmth and love from Connie, how genuine it is?!

Love to have more manipulate on flashes, but lighting. I'm still at the first lesson of photography, LIGHT & SHADOW. When we are getting mature and experienced, it's not hard to find that we're far from the basic, back to basic is the concept that I always remind myself when shooting, and Living.

The use of Vanishing point.

Hey, don't miss your mates on your wedding day!

Nice Venue. It's better in the picture, haha, I would say.

Marching in. An adverse lighting position is always my best vote.

Another lighting demonstration.

Happiness is, to share!

Happiness is, to share! (Sample II)

This is a demonstration of using pics. 

There's a new concept that for me, I'm not shooting photos, I'm shooting images. Photos – 4R, 12R , etc. Images – could be a poster, a printed foam board, a banner…. I think may be I'm a imagegrapher now, not a really a photographer.


Connie and Ka Chun,

Really thanks for inviting me to be your photographer. Thanks for your forgiving, smiles, sharing your joy, appreciations….

Happy Wedding, Happy Life!





2 thoughts on “You're in my heart, You're in my Soul!”

  1. hi gary li
    congratulations for your success~
    It's been just 3 yrs after u helped us taking wedding pics! do u still remember me?
    [版主回覆03/13/2009 13:07:00]Thanks!
    Can you remind me more?

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