Outdoor Wedding Portraits

Cheers! Jenny & Marcus

The job is referred by Jenny's friend and who's in the field of wedding. Jenny & Marcus came to my studio and had an interview to understand our shooting style and we suggested that she should schedule a photo session at Aberdeen Marina Club , where they held the banqueting.

It was a rainny day, not easy to wait for the rain stops. Though the pier was still wet, we couldn't wait to start the shooting since the banqueting is going to begin.

Ok, Solo for Jenny! Cool! I love the motions!

TWO is much better than ONE! With the spot lighting, Jenny & Marcus became STARS @ AMC.

It didn't take a long way back to the Marquee, but I took the chance to have some casual shots for Jenny & Marcus, here's one of them.

Lighting is good inside AMC, with a feeling of warmth.

A Closer look of the the lovely couple!

I love to add a tiny bit of vintage touch of the photo for the "Standard" post. I believe this photo could last a life time.

To my Clients ;

Please try to put some efforts to squeeze 1 or 2 hours for the portrait shooting session on your big day. We are not pushing you to do so but you can make good use of your Hairdo, Make-up, beautiful dresses and most of all , the professional service provide by your photographers.

Gary Li


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