Elements of Love

Elements – is a concept that from China. With the 5 elements, the earth and every creature made.

And surely it could apply to Love and the legend of Yin Yang.

1 + 1 = 1 I love this formula.

Blessings from Mon's mom.

A stunt shot by Lui, the photographer work with me for over 9 years.

Ya, ready to leave the bride's home.

W Hotel is a natually set-up venue for wedding shooting! Amazing lighting and decoration.

Even in the lift…

Or the W wall at the main entrance.

When we proceeded to The Elements, the suitable and trendy elements continued to appear. Thousands of pictures came from my brain.

A great shot by Lui.

Hand in hand, step by step.

Watermark, a romantic restaurant, even it's with dimmed lighting.

Simple decoration is good enough.

The lovely couple.

The dramatic moment for beautful Monica.

The Marching-in. Please notice that the backlighting was created by Danny.

Look at Monica's reactions after Edmund presented his hand-knitted scarf.

Followed with a BIG HUG!

A top shot while playing a Same Day video screening by Gary Y.

Beautiful sisters of Monica.

Everyone was touching about Monica's sisters speech. Can you see the happy tears in their eyes?

We, Gary and Lui, always pay attention to people's emotions and facial expressions. Thanks Lui for helping me to take thousands of great shots in these years!

Job Info

Clients: Monica & Edmund

Crew: Gary Li + Lui + Danny + Gary Y.

Venue: W Hotel, Elements, Waterfront


One thought on “Elements of Love”

  1. 好得~好有情調~!影得好!捉神緒果然係你強項~!
    [版主回覆06/23/2009 01:49:00]Thanks for your support! I'm trained to be attended to the emotion and facial expression! Surely this is my STRENGTH!

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