Pre-Wedding Shooting (e-session) of Nancy & Kelvin

Nancy & Kelvin (e-session)

Photos are taken in the hot & moist late June. We (& Danny, my Lighting Expert Assistant) were sweat like wet pigs… But got some very good shots and thanks for Nancy and Kelvin's tolerence for the hot weather and the repeated actions (All I wanna do is to get the most impressive and good shots)

We Started at 1881 Heritage

And Shanghai Tang…

Then we drove to the most crowded MK, there should be another good shot taken besides HSBC, I reserve that to the last, to match the theme that Kelvin inspired me about the pre-wedding shooting series.

Then- – – -> Goh Nan (果欄), many young couples love to take photos at this venue, I would like to make some breakthrough on the standard ones.

Lovely adverse lighting accompanied with the metallic gates.

Use of frame; it's a 卡板 .

Fashion Models.

Use of  direct flash. We have to hatch back to basic! Don't make the flash to complicated, do it straight and it's stylish too!


Brides love the classic ones…

Classic still goes on…..

Another example of Use of Frame…

A Yellish + Vintage Shot.

A great end-point at Central.

Shooting in the summer for pre-wedding is really a hard job, but you can taste our energy and creativity all the time. We overran for more than 1 hour that day, it's simply because I wanna wait for the best moments to do the great shots. Get ready to sweat like a wet pig, and get ready to follow my harsh instructions and the game will be started!



3 thoughts on “Pre-Wedding Shooting (e-session) of Nancy & Kelvin”

  1. 中環水倒影那張很特別 影到泰國渡假feel~ 被你處理過既相….攪到香港都有世外桃園~!
    [版主回覆07/07/2009 01:34:00]謝謝你的誇獎! 香港真的有世外桃源的!遲下同你分享!

  2. Gary,我都想要''世外桃園''呀!!!
    [版主回覆07/07/2009 22:49:00]好! ok!我會安排架啦!

  3. Wow, Gary, you are genius. I love the last "chanel" one, my favourite brand.
    May I know more details of package price of pre-wedding photos by you? Can you send me a quotation:
    Many thanks!  
    [版主回覆08/02/2009 00:33:00]Hello,
    Rate card is sent, thanks a lot!

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