Mid-term Evaluation of Gary Li

2009, is a remarkable year of me. Getting an award, getting change for my post production and photography style, having a good figure of no. of jobs and variations of job; Wedding, Expo, Events.

I received an e-mail yesterday and the client-to-be made me think about myself and my career.Here's my answer to his requeston elaboration of my photography.

Dear ….,

When I was reading your email, I started to prepare the essay in my mind and fianlly I found myself in photography, and recalling the feeling and point of view on " Wedding Photography" .
I love my style of work, as it's long-lasting. I love to freeze the moments and the scenes that happen on wedding days or occasions. I love to get them freezed at the most precious moments, and to let them to grow after the photos are developed. So I think my photos are living and breathing as time goes by.
For every picture I take, I would like to give them a description or illustration itself but not a single wording. Story-telling is the easiest term to give it a definition but I would try so hard to make it more sophisticated.

Hope the passage above let you understand more about my photography.

Here's an editorial from Wedding Magazine, July 2009.

Click to enlarge



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