Pre-wedding Photography (e-session) Clara & Horace

Love at Bethanie, Love at HKU, Love at Central….

Love is all around!

As a wedding photographer, I love to giving advices to clients and I love to receive feedbacks from them too! I always try to satisfy clients with my passion and they shown in the pictures.

Heritage 1881, a hot venue for pre-wedding.

Love @ Bethanie

Love @ HKU

Love @ Central


Clients: Clara & Horace

Photographer: Gary Li @ Photo.G. Production

Lighting Expert: Danny Yung @ Photo.G. Production

Calibrator: Danny Yung @ Photo.G. Production

Art Direction: Gary Li @ Photo.G. Production











3 thoughts on “Pre-wedding Photography (e-session) Clara & Horace”

  1. i am looking forward to seeing this set of photos for quite some time …….十個靚呀!
    [版主回覆10/08/2009 21:27:00]really! wai wai! Actually you have to plan for a PreWedding Shooting by me la wor! (time is tight!) Hahah! Gary

  2. Gary,
    Thank you very much~ This link has been posted on Clara and my facebook and I believe the hit rate will be increased dramatically this week!
    Many friends said the photos are so 型 but not me. Hahaha!
    [版主回覆10/08/2009 21:27:00]Thanks Horace!! I'll keep up!See you very soon!

  3. wow, the photos are so jang!!! I can't wait for our pre-wed photo taking day ar!!
    [版主回覆10/30/2009 09:04:00]I see, may I know your real name?

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