Testimonial from Nancy & Kelvin

Nancy & Kelvin joined our package for Pre Wedding and Wedding Day Packages and we did a lot of good shots those are satisfied by the couple. 
Here to share their Wedding Day photo slideshow. We did some shots at my studio in the afternoon and I think this is a good idea. You can arrange 2 hours to have the shots during your wedding day and please wait for the last part of the slide to have a preview.
A higher quality available at my facebook

And few days after their wedding, I received a thank you card from them, their words really moved me.





Thank you so much!

Nancy & Kelvin


One thought on “Testimonial from Nancy & Kelvin”

  1. 0甘arm既,我都係想用呢首歌呀!!!!好鬼感動架姐~
    [版主回覆12/05/2009 14:11:00]Haha! That's good! Thanks for your reply!

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