Debbie + Sidney Wedding Day Photo

Click here to take a look of their same day screening.

Debbie & Sidney are the youngest couple that I shot for wedding + pre-wedding. They're pretty, funny and energetic! They are the most impressive clients that I had ever met.

Good View! Worths a trillion!

A baby face!

I love hanging the wedding gown next to the window, then I can take all the details into the pictures.

"With Compliments

Lung Fung Ak!

A Bling Bling instant camera, Love it love it!

Beautiful bridemaids!

Funny Sidney, really a good participant of the games!


Bride is always the focus on the wedding day."

Good shooting venue is everywhere, every little thing could inspire me!

It's here, it's there.

A Panorama style to demonstrate these 2 photos is needed.


I love capturing parents, they always be the happiest people in every wedding.

A tasty cake, best to serve with coffee.

Big Group shooting is needed on a wedding day, everyone enjoyed it much.

I really love this photo, simple and natural, black & white gives a strong sense of art, just love it!

So after the outdoor portrait session, Debbie suddenly gave me a little bag, and said "Happy Birthday!!!"

Oh, she remembers my birthday and Sidney remembered that, how warm! And a kiss made me so happyyyyyy!

Check out my birthday card! They're really really Sai Sum!

I can't help myself to do this funny shot with them! Yeah!


Date of Shooting: 20 Dec 2009 ( Birthday, haha!)

Clients: Debbie & Sidney

Venue: Renaissance Harbour View Hotel Hong Kong +
HKCEC (some banqueting photos will be posted soon! then you'll see their good taste)

Wedding Planner:


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3 thoughts on “Debbie + Sidney Wedding Day Photo”

  1. thank you sooooo sooooooooo much for taking these beautiful photos for us on your birthday 🙂 all of my family + friends love our photos, sid + i made the right choice of choosing you as our wedding photographer!! thank you ^.^
    [版主回覆12/26/2009 00:42:00]Hi Debbie!
    Thanks for choosing us to be your wedding photographers! We're so glad that the photos we taken for you suit your needs!
    Please keep in touch!
    Gary Li

  2. Dear Debbie & Sidney,
    Thanks thanks thanks a lot! You really made a right choice, hahah!

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