Lily Ann & Jacko Same Day Screening (Photo Slideshow)

Lily Ann & Jacko
Young Couple and always with the most lovely smiles on Lily Ann's face. We worked out this Same Day Slideshow right after the outdoor shooting and with a fruitful outcome and which is liked by many clients and web-surfers on Facebook. 
And as mentioned in the previous blog, we had some changes on our rate card. Please take a look as follows or to download a larger (A5-size printable) as follows,

Please check out our new portfolio and new CANVAS PRINT at our studio.


One thought on “Lily Ann & Jacko Same Day Screening (Photo Slideshow)”

  1. Hello Gary,
    Your photos are very nice nice nice and nice ^^
    will you available on 28Nov2010 ?
    thank you,

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