Wedding Day Photo (Vel + Anthony)

Anthony is the brother of my former client , Ruby. They had a wonderful wedding which I called East Meets West.

Lovely window side portrait after the ceremony.

Vel is really a beautiful and cheerful bride!

And elegant.

Touching moment.

Happy faces.

A big kiss!

Tea serving ceremony.

I always look for these touching moments,


Before getting to the Groom's home.

Look how Vel posted!

Before unveil, Anthony should hit the Vel not once but third! So hurt! haha!

Before Church.

Lovely Lighting, I love catching ambient lighting! Are we doing too much "Flying Flashes???"

Happy Daddy Happy Bride!

Another touching moment!

So peaceful when stand before God!

Hymn singing.

The motion Kiss!

What''s important for the couple love and in God? I think it's the Faith and Peace at heart. I truly got these feelings throughout the ceremony and may god bless them, and you and I.

Check out the Same Day Slideshow that prepared by me.

Gary Li Same Day Slide (Wedding Photography) from Gary Li on Vimeo.

Clients: Vel + Anthony
Date: 22 Jan 2010
Photographer: Gary Li
Company: Photo.G. Production
Web Site:


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