Pre Wedding Photography (e-session) Heidi & Falcon

Heidi & Falcon are very young couple. They reached me and engaged the pre wedding and wedding day photography together, thanks again for their appreciation.

They claimed that this photo is long lasting, and very romantic. Heidi asked me to post this photo for a must.haha.

Look how Sunny and Cheerful they are.

We took some photos at 1881 before heading to Shek O.

I love the very natural but passionate photo like this one.

This is quite a breakthrough for me! So cool tone but elegant!

I call this shot a piece of ART.



Thanks god that they love the special colour tone and calibration of colours! So that I could have more room to put more artisitc mind in the photos.

Magic moment.

We've done some studio shots in the morning and they started to perform very well already.

Look! How Sweet!!!

I can feel the Peace and Love in the photo, do you?

Clients: Heidi & Falcon
Photographer: Gary Li
Date: Mar 2010
Company: Photo.G. Production
Web Site:


One thought on “Pre Wedding Photography (e-session) Heidi & Falcon”

  1. esp. love the 4th and 5th photo, it really tells a story and the composition is very nice!!!
    [版主回覆03/19/2010 01:03:00]Thanks! Cissy! When will u be available book for the prewed package?

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