Vincy & Anthony Pre Wedding Photography (e-session)

Some new ideas and techniques come up in this album. And Thanks for Vinci & Anthony, they give their supports on every move on the pics and to let me express my ideas in the photos by my way and with my crazy ideas.

Be Fascinated. I chose this photo to be my ad at Wedding Magazine APR 2010 issue.


I love the special texture of the photo.

Simple is beautiful!

And one more simple shot with vivid colours.

I love to try out more colour tone and scheme in the set of pre wed photos. Since you'll never know and you can't imagine the what suits you best!

Love this one!

Very calm and pretty bride.

Dramatic one.

Yes. Love and passion.

Elegancy is another style that I love to stress on the bride photos.

Use of Frame. Make you focus!

Vintage Vinci.

Let the details move you!

The old buildings attract people to stay around and to take such good pics!

Vinci and Anthony love this venue much and Vinci says that she love looks like the Advertisement of the real estate.

Reflection + Colour night scene.

Clients: Vincy & Anthony
Photographer: Gary Li
Date: Feb 2010
Company: Photo.G. Production
Web Site:


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