Wedding Day Photography (Amy & Taka)

Amy & Taka, nice couple, cheerful and really trust me for being their photographer.

Started by the rings.

Taka in Motion.

I found Amy is really charming in this shot and some more close-ups follows, I can't help , haha.

I'm not a shoeaholic, but again, I can't help myself to shoot beautiful stuffs.

My classic shot.

And how can I miss the wedding favours?

I don't even wanna miss the moments that we can take some intimate shots for the couples.

And the love and joy shared with the 2 generations.

And friends…. (see how we demonstrate the photos which are taken in front of the backdrop, we usually prepare a set of studio flash to produce some very very clear and sharp and nice and bright enough group photos for you.)

Yes! It's so-called standard but if we do not have a high standard, how could we develop the better skills and with a higher quality of photos to meet the high demand from our clients?

It's cool that I could enter the panel of the ballroom, thanks to Hyatt Regency HK staffs!

The March-in!



I love capturing the happiest faces.

And some funny ones.

What were they looking?

Slideshow from the Japanese master, really fast-pace but simple, unlike the HK style.

The banquet ends with a jumping shot. See, some are lazy, haha!

Clients: Amy & Taka
Venue: Hyatt
Regency Hong Kong

Photographer: Gary Li
Date: Feb 2010
Company: Photo.G. Production
Web Site:


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