Pre Wedding Photo (Dorothy + Peter e-session)

Dorothy and Peter were stars of the 9.9.9. They were on TV when I took pictures for their registration. They're having the banqueting in the coming Oct  and before that we did set of pre wedding photos.

D & P didn't want a set of oridinary wedding photos ; no green trees and blue sky please! And D suggested to take some COOL stuffs in the old districts, say YMT Fruit Market or else. Findally we drilled into the fruit market and did some good ones.

Once in a Blue Moon shot. The bartender was very kind and she invited us to go into the bar when we're taking photos outside.

It was a wonderful day and we enjoyed the shooting much. Looking forward to your big day! Dorothy and Peter!

Clients: Dorothy & Peter
Photographer: Gary Li
Company: Photo.G. Production
Web Site:
Contact: 92254725


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