Gary Li Wedding Same Day Slide (Shirley & Jonathan)

Jonathan was one of the brothers of my former clients, and we get along like friends since then. He sent me the theme song of the SDS (Same Day Slide) and I was wondering if I could get it done and finally, the result was really good, please check it out!


Their Story starts from 2001, @ HK

Can u feel it?

Beautiful Kwa!

The Scene is one of the best that I have even seen in client's home, very nice and good Feng Shui!

Jump Shot?

This is the first time for me to shoot from Level 4 for the Dancing Tiger getting Lettuce, so cute and real fun!

Wow! I love the real atmosphere!
No Gimmick!

Tired Groom after gaming.

Thumbs Up!

I Love this Scene!!!

A good 穿透感 of the photo itself!

Kiss Kiss Kiss!

Company: Photo.G. Production
Clients: Shirley & Jonathan
Photographer: Gary Li
Date: 21 Nov 2010


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