Gary Li Wedding Same Day Slide (Gene & Sam)

Yes! Very young couple with excellent taste of photography and all the stuffs they chose for wedding days were very trendy yet traditional.

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Pillow talk between gals is always attractive, you know, so sweet and warm.

Can u feel the happiness?

I really love this "Upside Down" perspective, like I was taking the photo from top.

Cutie Ducks!


Traditional yet elegant.

I could always feel that they couldn't suppress their excitement and happiness, see!?

Tea Ceremony!

Let's Hip-hop!

Will the construction workers complain us?

Come on, B&W again, and very tasty, yum yum.

I love the lens flare.

I really don't think wedding photos should be very complicated, but photographers should have a sophisticated mind to lead the couples to accomplish the task, i.e. to be themselves and let themselves talk in the pictures.

Yes, yes, good S shape.

Cool, be a basketball player!

haha, love is to lean-on .

How natural and childish this photo. Love it much!

Top light, from left, highlighting the couple.

I made something special for the Gene & Sam since they performed very good on the day and I was trusted by them much, I prepare 2 sets of continuous shots at the "跳飛機" and to put the shots in motions at the end of the same day slide (即日片). Don't miss out! And please do give me some comments!

Company: Photo.G. Production
Clients: Gene & Sam
Photographer: Gary Li
Date: 22 Nov 2010


One thought on “Gary Li Wedding Same Day Slide (Gene & Sam)”

  1. Hi, Gary. We love your photos~~~ Thank you for giving us a great memory. The "跳飛機"  is amazing!!
    [版主回覆12/22/2010 02:30:00]Thanks Gene & Sam, Thanks a lot! And we had great fun on your big day! Happy Marriage! Happy life!

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