Anthea & Felix Wedding Day Photography(10 10 10)

Anthea & Felix Booked me for their Pre Wedding Session (Which I will post those pics later) and their registration day and Big Day. And after the 3 appointments, Felix became my buddy now, thanks A & F!!!!

10.10.10. @ 海逸君綽酒店 (Harbour Grand)

Happy and Beautiful Bride.

Nice Ferragamo.

Simply the best!

I love Felix's funny face and his sense of sense of humour.

I cannot imagine how beautiful is the roof top level of Harbour Grand. And thanks Felix to introduce me this venue!

I just love the passion between the couple and the romantic and love message is wrote on their faces.

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Photo.G. Production
Clients: Anthea & Felix
Venue: The Harbour Grand 海逸君綽酒店
Photographer: Gary Li
Call now: 92254725
Date: 10 OCT 2010


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