Wedding Day Photo (Winna & Vincent)

Another pair of referral couple, Winna & Vincent.  Happy Happy Couple! Congratulations!

Check out the Same Day Slide First and check out more photos below,

Link here,

This shot was inspired by a bridesmaid.

I love the happy family members esp. parents and grand parents!

Alright,I love the RED WHITE BLUE strips reflection but I have to please every body, come on, one more take for the elegant one!

Photo.G. Production

Photographer: Gary Li
Call now: 92254725


One thought on “Wedding Day Photo (Winna & Vincent)”

  1. support your RED WHITE BLUE!!! mix & match always can come up great things!!!
    Elkie 🙂
    [版主回覆04/16/2011 02:20:00]Thanks TTY for your support! Cheers!  Gary

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