Jasmine & Jason Wedding Day Photo

I really Love this picture! With all guests praising and Love shown in this photo!

Jasmine and Jason came to my studio to have the first visit around 1 yr ago and during the meeting, I can really feel how passionate they’re with their wedding and their expectations on wedding photos.

To a Wedding Photographer, a high expectation from clients usually bring upon 2 points, 1st; Happy to see such client and hope to cope with those difficulties and looking forward to have some breakthroughs. 2nd; pressure. LUCKILY, my work is appreciated by them, haha!

Gwa is really important to all chinese brides, the design, the sewing techniques and the shine of the Dragons and Phoenixes.

Stylish and Elegant.

A very beautiful team of bridesmaids fair-welling the newly weds!

I love this photo much! So childish!

The Magic Moment!

Please, do not miss the slideshow;

Jasmine Vimeo

Company: Photo.G. Production
Clients: Jasmine & Jason
Photographer: Gary Li
Web-site: http://www.Lcygary.com
Date: 5 Nov 2011


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