Ron & Joseph (Pre Wedding Photo)

Working in the field for Eleven Years by now.

Sometime, I see myself is bottlenecked. Yes, I tried so many ways to GET OVER IT, so that I blend many different styles into my creations.

Sometime, I’m in a maze. Yes, so I love to talk to my clients and to try to understand their needs and concern about their feelings.

Ron and Joseph’s love begins in HKUST. We worked out many things after many many meetings, whatsapp and tele conferences. And we’d just started.

Hong Kong Adventist College is a really nice campus for me. I always forget I’m still in Hong Kong while I’m shooting, and it’s easy to forget about the time flies. Back to campus and back to our 那些年.

Run! Run for your FUTURE!

Love ever lasts.

Comments from Ron and Jo :

Gary, we love the photos and some really gave us big
surprise!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have done a great job~ Joe said the photos are
customized for us and he likes some moody tone as well~ we are very
satisfied and had so much confidence on you on our Big day!!!

After reading the comments, surely I’m very very very happy! But this recall my memory for being an individual wedding photographer. 11 yrs ago, there are not much individual wedding photographers, many of us are from different companies. I cherish and love that eras, since I’m free on styles and creations.

What make us (individual photographer) to be differed from others is , our Creativity , our Mind and our Passions! I can now seeing many and many wedding photographers are rushing into the market but they are not doing their own things but  to produce many CAN Food for clients and the CAN foods are with very very similar style!

When can we make changes? People can change and can be changed. But how about our industry?

Company: Photo.G. Production
Clients: Ron & Joseph
Photographer: Gary Li


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