Judy & Pang Wedding Day Photos and SDE

2013 is a brand new year for me, though it’s Dec now. I put more efforts on photography and videography , not only on weddings but commercial and events and some great production jobs. Herewith the same day photos of Judy and & Pang. And you may see the blessings from Mr. C.Y. Leung. Enjoy the photos and same day video editing.

Here comes the Same Day Edit ( Photos+Video), I’m quite sure that I am the first photographer to include photos and video in the same day screening. Stay tuned, some big promotions are coming! https://vimeo.com/81474781

Company: Photo.G. Production

Photographer: Gary Li

Web-site: Lcygary.com

Special Promotion (a BIG discount) : http://www.lcygary.com/promotion/index.html

Photo.G. @ Flickr

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