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Hong Kong Wine Challenge 2009


3rd time to participate in HOFEX shooting for OFFICIAL Photographer. Really PROUD of it since it's the biggest show in the world for this year and I found most of the advertising materials are using my PHOTOS! Hurray! I love it! And this is the pre-show activity CD Box cover design.

Shooting exhibition is quite a differ from Wedding, like the lighting, the objects, the shooting plan,etc. But most of all I gotta use is my creativity! To make every photos to be useful and attractive! So this is somehow a challenge of Commercial VS Wedding.

I always remind myself of the wordings " A photographer should be ALL ROUND, you gotta be able to shoot every kind of photography!" said my master.

Cheers! Taste the Life!



Awarded from Wedding Magazine (Best Photography)

Finally, the trophy came in hand.

After 8 years in the field, more and more experiences gained. And this is a real good opportunity to let me have some review of myself and my career.

2000 – I started as an assistant to a famous wedding photographer (worked as part time for 3 months)

2000 – Started my own homepage about wedding photography, built my web

2001 – Listed under National Wedding Photographer, first Asian to be included in the network of a US based wedding photojournalist association

2002 – Started to shoot other fields of photography, expo, glamour…

2003 – Having my 100th wedding photography job

2004 – Getting some changes in my photography life

2005 – Chief Photographer for the corporate project of COSCO 

         – Chief Photographer for the HOFEX trade show

         – several interviews by magazines, see my former blogs

2006 – Chief Photographer for the ALX trade show

2007 – Chief Photographer for the HOFEX trade show

         – Shooting aboard at Italy, for wedding and for travel photography, interviewed by In's Magazine see details –*

2008 – Chief Photographer for the ALX trade show

2009 – Award Winning! Best Wedding Photography! Ready to have the wonderful and fruitful year!



經過8年的努力,累積得越來越多的經驗。這是一個真正的好機會,讓我有一些反思 – 我自己和我的職業。

2000 – 為香港著名的婚禮攝影師作助理(Part-time工作了3個月)


2001年-第一位被列入該美國的婚禮攝影組織的亞洲攝影師的 National Wedding Photographer

2002 -開始拍攝其他領域的攝影展,展覽,企業項目…



2005年-首席攝影師 – 企業項目 – 中遠 

          -首席攝影師 – HOFEX展覽會


2006 -首席攝影師 – ALX貿易展

2007 -首席攝影師 – HOFEX展覽會


2008 -首席攝影師 – ALX貿易展



Cindy & James

Lovely Weather, Happy Couple!

Cindy and James really impress me with their passion and gentle. They trust me as their friend ever since we met at the first time at my studio. They never questioned our quality of service nor the artistic input. And what's more is Cindy and James really enjoyed their wedding day, I saw their smiles always, especially when the shutter is being triggered or the video cam is loading.

Thanks Cindy! Thanks James!

God Bless!

When the Dragon meets the Phoenix.

Gals are always worth waiting!

A Cheerful bride.

James: I'm Ready!

Happy moments to share!

A Precious moment!

Hold me TIGHT!

A large group!

Beautiful gown, beautiful bride!

Stay cool!

The Sweetest smile!

The Marching-in.

Cindy & James really enjoy our same day editing of the video.


關注Every Little Thing



Aug 2008, Wedding Magazine



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