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Gary Li Wedding Same Day Slide (Gene & Sam)

Yes! Very young couple with excellent taste of photography and all the stuffs they chose for wedding days were very trendy yet traditional.

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Pillow talk between gals is always attractive, you know, so sweet and warm.

Can u feel the happiness?

I really love this "Upside Down" perspective, like I was taking the photo from top.

Cutie Ducks!


Traditional yet elegant.

I could always feel that they couldn't suppress their excitement and happiness, see!?

Tea Ceremony!

Let's Hip-hop!

Will the construction workers complain us?

Come on, B&W again, and very tasty, yum yum.

I love the lens flare.

I really don't think wedding photos should be very complicated, but photographers should have a sophisticated mind to lead the couples to accomplish the task, i.e. to be themselves and let themselves talk in the pictures.

Yes, yes, good S shape.

Cool, be a basketball player!

haha, love is to lean-on .

How natural and childish this photo. Love it much!

Top light, from left, highlighting the couple.

I made something special for the Gene & Sam since they performed very good on the day and I was trusted by them much, I prepare 2 sets of continuous shots at the "跳飛機" and to put the shots in motions at the end of the same day slide (即日片). Don't miss out! And please do give me some comments!

Company: Photo.G. Production
Clients: Gene & Sam
Photographer: Gary Li
Date: 22 Nov 2010

Gary Li Wedding Same Day Slide (Flora & Andrew)

Flora & Andrew are the Chinese Doctor. They share the same profession and share the optimistic characters together. There're times that I find Andrew just couldn't hold up his naughty and playful minds, but when he came to see Flora at the first sight in the morning, I could read his " WOW" ! Let's enjoy the photos and the same day slide.

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Company: Photo.G. Production
Clients: Flora & Andrew
Photographer: Gary Li
Date: 14 Nov 2010

Heidi & Leung Wedding Day Slideshow

Clients: Heidi & Leung

Wedding Day: 4 Dec 2009
Preparing Same Day Screening Slide becomes part of my photography life, especially on wedding days shooting. With very less time, (approx. 2 hours), I have to choose the photos, calibrate them and to do some retouches. And in order to reserve the high quality and smoothness, I gotta use the video editing software. This makes me stress and hurry some times. 
I will try to do some more same day screening since my clients love them a lot and this is the motivation.

Mei & Joseph Wedding Day

Clients: Mei & Joseph

Wedding Day: 18 Nov 2009

Venue: The Upper House + Hong Kong Country Club

Goodmake-up in the morning made Mei happy.

It's not hard to find a good perspective to get the Gown hanging straight and with the right lighting.

Prasing from the bridesmaids.

Rap by Joseph and wtih the nice dancing with his friends.

Which hand is Mei's? you can figure it out very easily, not taken by one camera but 2!

A Long Kiss!

Mei chose this hotel, The Upper House because she was amazed by the interior architecture and we decided to capture some good shots in it before moving to Hong Kong Country Club.

A grand shot!

Nice sunny day at Hong Kong Country Club. But actually it was the coldest day of 2009, 12 degress! Everyone was freezing!

Shooting before taking steps to the ceremony.

Another shot.

I sticked my face to the gound to get the position and perspective right for this photo.

A candid flowers shot.

Blessings from God.

Everyone enjoyed the moment, let's step back and to see the whole picture!

Marching-out represents a newly weds is ready to get along hand in hand in the future!


And the moments alive!


Cheers and Congradtulations!

Mid-term Evaluation of Gary Li

2009, is a remarkable year of me. Getting an award, getting change for my post production and photography style, having a good figure of no. of jobs and variations of job; Wedding, Expo, Events.

I received an e-mail yesterday and the client-to-be made me think about myself and my career.Here's my answer to his requeston elaboration of my photography.

Dear ….,

When I was reading your email, I started to prepare the essay in my mind and fianlly I found myself in photography, and recalling the feeling and point of view on " Wedding Photography" .
I love my style of work, as it's long-lasting. I love to freeze the moments and the scenes that happen on wedding days or occasions. I love to get them freezed at the most precious moments, and to let them to grow after the photos are developed. So I think my photos are living and breathing as time goes by.
For every picture I take, I would like to give them a description or illustration itself but not a single wording. Story-telling is the easiest term to give it a definition but I would try so hard to make it more sophisticated.

Hope the passage above let you understand more about my photography.

Here's an editorial from Wedding Magazine, July 2009.

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