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婚照攝影師巡禮 @ – Gary Li

I met Florence (Senior Editior of 2 years ago for an issue talking about Taiwanese Pre-Wedding Photography. And now she contacted me to provide with more recent work and some information about my service. This is for the launching of 婚照攝影師巡禮 @ .

The trend of Taiwanese Pre-Wedding Photography is still hot, you can check out from the large booths of Wedding Expo. Shall I say that we Hong Kong People are eager to adapt to the new trends, but please keep in mind that we are with Greeeeeat creativity and ability to cope with adversity.

We are equipped with the characteristics from our ancestors, we are strong, we are tough! Frankly, I'm still living under the nightmere of SARs but I'm confident to face any adversity, the economic depression, Swine Flu.

Cheer up, Guys! Stand up and fight!


Photography Workshop – Gary Li

Date: 10 June 2009

Time: 1230-1400

Client: Dairy Farm

Agency: Hong Kong Family Welfare Society

Participants: 26

Ok, this Workshop is not concnetrating on Wedding Photography. This page is kind or self-introduction.

Every Person payed attention to my powerpoint, glad with it.

Thanks for colleagues of Dairy Farm , spent their lunch time to share with me.

I prepared some practical materials and basic topics in this workshop, in order to let participants feel more easy and ready for setting their DC or DSLR to be usable. I'm happy with the atmosphere and the interactions throughout the presentation. Thanks Kenneth for talking some photos for me and I look forward to hold more workshops in the furture.

Special Thanks: Kenneth Wan (Photographer)




When Gary Li Meets Gary. Y

Gary.Y started his video production when he was 19 years old. He was studying a Media course in UK. Gary.Y had an other way to film and edit his video. 

Gary Y. is my new partner and actually he's one of my buddies. He films well and has many crazy ideas in his mind and we have some chemicals when working together, we aim to work out more possbilities from the impossibilities in this wedding.

Please make sure you turned the speaker on and at a comfortable volume.


Shoot More, Get More, Worry Less!!!

New Rate Arrangment

According to the enquiries from the clients who had commited our service, it seems that they misunderstood our former charging method and now, an updated rate card launched.

Rate remain unchanged or at a same level but it is a combination of  Photography Charge and Data Charge.

And due to the coming of the new era of Hong Kong Wedding Photography, we now have a new arrangement our crew struture;

1. Chief Photographer (Gary Li)
2. Photographer
3. Videographer
4. Lighting Assistant

Thanks for your attention and please email me at for further informations.

Gary Li

Another Milestone in 2009

2009, a quite fruitful year for me. Received the Best Photography 最佳攝影 from wedding magazine, and having the busiest year of wedding photography, especially  for OCT 2009 – JAN 2010.

And joined the international association, WPPI , received the certificate, paper board, pin and sticker from the organization.

Wanna gain more experiences from the international professionals and wanna improve my skills on photography, to produce more and more creative and precious photos for my beloved clients.


Jenny & Marcus Wedding Portraits II

Met Jenny last night to deliver the photos. Thanks a lot for the supports from Jenny, Marcus and their friends. Luckily, they love my new styles of photo retouching. Here to share some more of their portratis taken on their big day.

A Dramatic Shot at Aberdeen Marina Club pier.

A picture means more than thousand words.

I love the bue blue sky and the contrast of this pic.

Another use of contrasted toning and studio flash setting.

A very nice photo, which is using the warm warm yellish tone.

All the best! Jenny & Marcus!



Outdoor Wedding Portraits

Cheers! Jenny & Marcus

The job is referred by Jenny's friend and who's in the field of wedding. Jenny & Marcus came to my studio and had an interview to understand our shooting style and we suggested that she should schedule a photo session at Aberdeen Marina Club , where they held the banqueting.

It was a rainny day, not easy to wait for the rain stops. Though the pier was still wet, we couldn't wait to start the shooting since the banqueting is going to begin.

Ok, Solo for Jenny! Cool! I love the motions!

TWO is much better than ONE! With the spot lighting, Jenny & Marcus became STARS @ AMC.

It didn't take a long way back to the Marquee, but I took the chance to have some casual shots for Jenny & Marcus, here's one of them.

Lighting is good inside AMC, with a feeling of warmth.

A Closer look of the the lovely couple!

I love to add a tiny bit of vintage touch of the photo for the "Standard" post. I believe this photo could last a life time.

To my Clients ;

Please try to put some efforts to squeeze 1 or 2 hours for the portrait shooting session on your big day. We are not pushing you to do so but you can make good use of your Hairdo, Make-up, beautiful dresses and most of all , the professional service provide by your photographers.

Gary Li