Happiness is …

Happiness is…

… to be Double Happiness.

…to be dressed.

…to take self-portraits with you beloved one.

…to be blessed.

…to be proud to be a handsome Groom.

…to find some colours in your living.

…to be focused.

…to shoot what your like, and to smile when you're shooting!

…to gather all best friends together.

…to grab the magic moments into your pictures.

…to be models for the new estate advertisement. (kidding, haha, but I really like the style that Carmen posts! Real Model!!!)

…finally, living together!

Thanks Carmen & Trevor, thanks for your trust and happy faces when receiving the photos, these motivate me to shoot better!


Happy to Receive An Award 星級婚禮攝影 – 最佳攝影

星級婚禮攝影 – 最佳攝影

Got a call from the Wedding Magazine and noticed me that I'm awarded. Well, yes, surprised and excited. It's kind of recognition of my wedding photography, and got a milestone after 8 years. Hope that it's just a start on my way to getting more awards and of cause, my ulitmate goal is to capture the most precious and romantice moments for every couple I served! CHEERS!


Please Check out the larger version by the link,


Cindy & James

Lovely Weather, Happy Couple!

Cindy and James really impress me with their passion and gentle. They trust me as their friend ever since we met at the first time at my studio. They never questioned our quality of service nor the artistic input. And what's more is Cindy and James really enjoyed their wedding day, I saw their smiles always, especially when the shutter is being triggered or the video cam is loading.

Thanks Cindy! Thanks James!

God Bless!

When the Dragon meets the Phoenix.

Gals are always worth waiting!

A Cheerful bride.

James: I'm Ready!

Happy moments to share!

A Precious moment!

Hold me TIGHT!

A large group!

Beautiful gown, beautiful bride!

Stay cool!

The Sweetest smile!

The Marching-in.

Cindy & James really enjoy our same day editing of the video.


..to have and to hold from this day forward…

..to have and to hold from this day forward…

Kinty & Jon had their lovely banqueting in Ritz Carlton, GuangZhou. I love The Ritz, Hong Kong, when it was still not yet became a history. I had some special feeling and passion towards it and this time I brought the passion to GuanZhou. Not rush on the day so we could take some beautiful photos right next to the window. 


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And finally, I found that I didn't lose myself in the wedding photography field. This is really a harsh time for wedding photographers to perform their best in their jobs since we are in a competition. Many new comers or modern-minded photographers put many efforts on the touch-ups or post-production. To me, I think tocuh-ups is really really imoportant but we must not ignore the original meaning of photography! That is, to freeze the moments which are meaningful to the couples! Please, let us think more and deeply!





得到客人的支持 永遠是攝影師最大的推動力


一直不停做,直至早兩天雜誌打來催稿….不消10分鐘就砌了此稿。在砌好後立即傳給Stella & Andy, 問一下他們的意見,得來意見十分的正面,實在令我太感動了!

此稿背後的製作理念是 Wedding Photojounalism。香港有很多攝影師會quote此名銜,但當中又有多少能做到呢?




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Aug 2008, Wedding Magazine



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