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Sep 2007, In’s Magazine

I love to shoot.


I’m a photo-holic! I can shoot whenever I see the interesting stuffs. Landscapes, sceneries, people, architectures, tiny stuffs,etc.


What I always keep in mind is “how can this photo tells the story???” I will ask myself this question before shooting and I can do the trigger in a fraction of a second most of the times. I can’t wait to shoot whenever the interesting subjects come to me, I don’t care what I have in hand, a compact camera, a hasselblad

, an iphone…


Images help people to memorize times, people, scenes, to me, they’re my breathes.


I breath deeply before every trigger to make my hands hold the cameras stably and to make up my mind, to think and to compose clearly, and to make sure that every trigger is accurate in timing and meaning.


As a photographer, being ALL-ROUND is essential and he should be ready to shoot different subjects and this is what I’m still learning.


Pics tell Stories! 作為一位攝影師,必需與時並進!


From: “Shop at Top” 

July 2008, Wedding Magazine

It's true, I think a photographer should add more artistic mind and direction into the images. And I think a photographer should keep in touch with the trend, fashion, designs, subculture, etc. These are the main factors that affect our styles of photography.  

A pic is a body, a soul is the story! 



Snapshots VS Creative Shooting ( 隨拍 對 創意攝影)

Snapshots VS Creative Shooting            

     隨拍            創意攝影  

Photographers, clients always ask if I’m keen on snap shooting. What I try so hard to explain is Snap = something you think is funny, beautiful or eye-catching that you wanna turn it to be an image, but the point is these snaps isn’t including the art direction. 

CREATIVE SHOOTING, to me at least is kind of skills which mixed with Art Direction, Story Telling, Photojournalistic and with the mind of the photographers.

Like the photo ahead, I just simply putting the wedding rings of the couple on a newspaper and which the date printed, is really telling the story, with art direction and recording the date that they get married.  SIMPLY the BEST!

The Cheerful Bride

Being a cheerful bride isn’t easy. 

“HK brides tend to carry all the stuffs about the weddings on their shoulders!” stated Gary Li (it’s me) in his  unofficial statistics. “Over 98% of clients contacted me firstly is the BRIDES.”

From making-up, fitting gowns and dresses, looking for a photographer, to the venue of ceremony to be taken place, brides tend to be the chief researcher and executive officer. 

Worse-still,they’re the time-keeper on the DAY! WOW! Dun stay longer than 20 mins at this venue, Gary, please trigger more, Gary, please suggest the fastest way to the peak, Gary, please retouch my acnes, Gary…

And after-all,the grooms will be the first one to say “WHAT a DAY!!!” at the end of the banqueting, on the bed and holding glass of champagne while the bride is still worrying of stuffing the dresses into the boxes……

Please, my clients-to-be, please try to organize and to assign the right persons to help you on the day. Find a well organized bridesmaid to take care of the dresses, making-up stuffs, schedule. Find a professional photographer to take care of your shooting venues, timing and styles. Then, just sit back and relax! 

To let me help you on taking cheerful pictures! 

What's Wedding Photography

What is Wedding Photography?
There are two primary approaches to wedding photography that are recognized today: Traditional and Photojournalistic. Traditional wedding photography provides for more classically posed images and a great deal of photographer control and interaction on the day of the wedding. Photojournalistic wedding photography takes its cue from editorial reporting styles and focuses more on candid and unposed images with little photographer interaction. These are two extremes and many of today's photographers will fall somewhere in the middle of these two styles.

Traditional Wedding Photography?

Photojournalistic ?
Nowaday in Hong Kong, there're many wedding photographers claim themselves as wedding photojournalists. This is true that they're improving their skills on wedding photography and I really hope that all the wedding photographers  could be Wedding Photojournalists.

A Candid shot.