Nadia & John Wedding Day Photos

Nadia & John is a romantic and happy couple. They had their wedding with wonderful planning but very easy-going and let me to plan how to shoot all the scenes. With the trust from N & J, I put all the effort on capturing the happiest and genuine moments throughout the day.

I love black & white photos a lot, it seems that they could help us to freeze the moment and to add some wonderful mood on them.

Gentlemen appeared on the day.

Cheers! Gals!

The love from Dad to the Daughter. When they walked into the church, it seemed that Dad was delivering the fortune to the newly weds.

I love this photo much, you can see many details and emotions express on everyone’s face.

Love is witnessed!

The laughter was recorded.

This is the first time that I shoot at night of Bathenie. It’s just superb!

Happy tears ran out from the beautiful bride.

Dancing session was the most excited and happy session during banqueting. Everything was happy and exciting. I love to capture candid moments and I really enjoyed in it.

Thanks Nadia & John! Thanks for hiring us to be your wedding photographers and we enjoyed much.

Company: Photo.G. Production
Clients: Nadia and John
Date: 7 Oct 2012
Venue: The Bethanie and Hong Kong Parkview
Photographer: Gary Li

Photo.G. @ Flickr


Pop Sensation from the UBS Art Collection

Please find the link below for the Pop Sensation from the UBS Art Collection. You will see many masterpieces from the Pop Art Artists from all over the world.

Here’s the details quoted by the description of the video from UBS.

Exhibition Dates: 17 – 30 November 2012 (free entry to the public)
Time: 10am – 8pm*
Venue: Pao Galleries, 4/F and 5/F, Hong Kong Arts Centre, 2 Harbour Road, Wanchai, HK

globalization of the USA’s defining art movement, Pop, is one of the
most important stories in contemporary art. The UBS art exhibition Pop
Sensation, brings some of the finest examples of the global Pop
phenomenon to Hong Kong, and you are invited.

Ranging from
masterworks by the most famous post-war artists to some of the newest
voices this is a unique opportunity to follow the Pop story through
select works from the USA to Asia including those by Andy Warhol, Roy
Lichtenstein, Thukral and Tagra, and Cao Fei.

*Black out dates
and times may apply, please call +852-2582 0200 for the up to date
public viewing schedule and to arrange your guided tours. Other
enquiries may be made by email to

Company: Photo.G. Production
Clients: UBS AG Hong Kong
Date: 23 Nov 2012
Photographer: Gary Li

Photo.G. @ Flickr

Yupi & Chan Wedding Day Slide Show Video

A Big challenge from my lovely Yupi! A Fast Fast Song for the BGM of the slide show. I tried to add some video clips and to make it be more fun. Please share their happiest moments and the link is here!

vimeo link

Company: Photo.G. Production
Clients: Yupi & Chan
Date: 29 Sept 2012
Photographer: Gary Li

Photo.G. @ Flickr

Macy & Alan Pre Wedding Photos

Love at CU! I really like the natural environment at The Chinese University of Hong Kong! Enjoy the green and peaceful atmosphere inside.

This is very cool that we can include the large logo in the pic!

I love this pics so so so much!

Are we at the snow mountain? Cooooool!

Company: Photo.G. Production
Clients: Macy & Alan
Photographer: Gary Li

Photo.G. @ Flickr

Emily & Alvin Same Day Slide Show

Young Couple! Cheerful and really really happy. When we do the outdoor portraits, I asked Emily for her opinion, like what kind of photos that she wanna obtain and she said ” Gary, 你影咩我都鐘意架! 係你影嘅就得架啦! ” So Sweet! 好窩心呢! hahaha!

Here is the same day slide that recorded their happiest moments, please click and share their joy!Company: Photo.G. Production
Clients:Emily & Alvin
Photographer: Gary Li
Date: 12 Feb 2012

May & Bentley Wedding day Photo + Slideshow

Trust and appreciations from clients are really the motivation for me to survive in the field for 12 years. Here’s my thread capture at my facebook,

“睇完same day slide, 新娘對我豎起姆指, 新郎在敬酒期間捉住我話好鐘意其中一張相。 種種、種種.構成我在十一個年頭仍在此行頭打併。”

Let me share their photos and slideshow with you!

And here’s the slideshow,

Gary Li Wedding Day Photo 婚禮照片 slideshow vimeo


Company: Photo.G. Production

Clients: May & Bentley
Photographer: Gary Li
Date: 9 Jan 2012


Awards 2011-2012

Good News for Photo.G. Production and our beloved clients.

We’re just received 3 awards, 2 from WPPI, the world recognized Photography Association and a local magazine – Wedding Magazine.

These ribbons are awarded by the WPPI for pictures scored 80 or above. Yes, we have to work harder since we have room for Accolade of Excellence. This will be our target for the upcoming year!

These are the 2 images awarded with 80 or above. I think we have to do something to push ourselves further to the higher awards.

Gary Li Awards 2012

(Click to see larger version)

4th year, 4th year to be awarded by the Wedding Magazine. I’m still excited about the award and may I invite you to take a look for the contents of the editorial, since I think the writer put a lot of efforts on them and it reflects my photography view.

Gary Li Awards 2012
(Click to see larger version)

There will be an obvious increment reflected on our rate in Feb 2012 and please refer to the link

Company: Photo.G. Production
Photographer: Gary Li

Ron & Joseph (Pre Wedding Photo)

Working in the field for Eleven Years by now.

Sometime, I see myself is bottlenecked. Yes, I tried so many ways to GET OVER IT, so that I blend many different styles into my creations.

Sometime, I’m in a maze. Yes, so I love to talk to my clients and to try to understand their needs and concern about their feelings.

Ron and Joseph’s love begins in HKUST. We worked out many things after many many meetings, whatsapp and tele conferences. And we’d just started.

Hong Kong Adventist College is a really nice campus for me. I always forget I’m still in Hong Kong while I’m shooting, and it’s easy to forget about the time flies. Back to campus and back to our 那些年.

Run! Run for your FUTURE!

Love ever lasts.

Comments from Ron and Jo :

Gary, we love the photos and some really gave us big
surprise!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have done a great job~ Joe said the photos are
customized for us and he likes some moody tone as well~ we are very
satisfied and had so much confidence on you on our Big day!!!

After reading the comments, surely I’m very very very happy! But this recall my memory for being an individual wedding photographer. 11 yrs ago, there are not much individual wedding photographers, many of us are from different companies. I cherish and love that eras, since I’m free on styles and creations.

What make us (individual photographer) to be differed from others is , our Creativity , our Mind and our Passions! I can now seeing many and many wedding photographers are rushing into the market but they are not doing their own things but  to produce many CAN Food for clients and the CAN foods are with very very similar style!

When can we make changes? People can change and can be changed. But how about our industry?

Company: Photo.G. Production
Clients: Ron & Joseph
Photographer: Gary Li

Jasmine & Jason Wedding Day Photo

I really Love this picture! With all guests praising and Love shown in this photo!

Jasmine and Jason came to my studio to have the first visit around 1 yr ago and during the meeting, I can really feel how passionate they’re with their wedding and their expectations on wedding photos.

To a Wedding Photographer, a high expectation from clients usually bring upon 2 points, 1st; Happy to see such client and hope to cope with those difficulties and looking forward to have some breakthroughs. 2nd; pressure. LUCKILY, my work is appreciated by them, haha!

Gwa is really important to all chinese brides, the design, the sewing techniques and the shine of the Dragons and Phoenixes.

Stylish and Elegant.

A very beautiful team of bridesmaids fair-welling the newly weds!

I love this photo much! So childish!

The Magic Moment!

Please, do not miss the slideshow;

Jasmine Vimeo

Company: Photo.G. Production
Clients: Jasmine & Jason
Photographer: Gary Li
Date: 5 Nov 2011