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Pregnant Photography (Mana)

Mana is friend of my old friend and her request really recalling one of the thoughts in photography that I planned for so long but did not put into real.

I love to use the off white background.

I persuaded Tomie to be "half-nude" successfully and this is just great! I love the intimatcy between the 3 ppl.


A moody shot.

Really fashion-like portrait.

The happiness shared with 3 ppl.

Look! They're tum-to-tum!

I love the 2 puppies, they're really good puppies, very cute!

Sporty Mom.

A Mommy model presenting her lovely dress!

Thanks! Mana and Tomie….and bb, you made my dreams come true! And I wanna start the pregnant photography immediately ! I think having a baby is really a second chance to put the couple to take photos by a professional photographer again! And it's really a milestone of us, so , come to join our new service and be happy!

Clients: mana + tomie + bb
Photographer: Gary Li
Company: Photo.G. Production
Web Site: www.Lcygary.com/
Contact: 92254725

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