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Same Day Screening Samples,


Company: Photo.G. Production

Photographer: Gary Li

Web-site: Lcygary.com

Contact: gary@Lcygary.com

Tel: 92254725 23672557

photo.g. @ flickr

Emily & Alvin Same Day Slide Show

Young Couple! Cheerful and really really happy. When we do the outdoor portraits, I asked Emily for her opinion, like what kind of photos that she wanna obtain and she said ” Gary, 你影咩我都鐘意架! 係你影嘅就得架啦! ” So Sweet! 好窩心呢! hahaha!

Here is the same day slide that recorded their happiest moments, please click and share their joy!Company: Photo.G. Production
Clients:Emily & Alvin
Photographer: Gary Li
Web-site: http://www.Lcygary.com
Date: 12 Feb 2012

Ron & Joseph (Pre Wedding Photo)

Working in the field for Eleven Years by now.

Sometime, I see myself is bottlenecked. Yes, I tried so many ways to GET OVER IT, so that I blend many different styles into my creations.

Sometime, I’m in a maze. Yes, so I love to talk to my clients and to try to understand their needs and concern about their feelings.

Ron and Joseph’s love begins in HKUST. We worked out many things after many many meetings, whatsapp and tele conferences. And we’d just started.

Hong Kong Adventist College is a really nice campus for me. I always forget I’m still in Hong Kong while I’m shooting, and it’s easy to forget about the time flies. Back to campus and back to our 那些年.

Run! Run for your FUTURE!

Love ever lasts.

Comments from Ron and Jo :

Gary, we love the photos and some really gave us big
surprise!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have done a great job~ Joe said the photos are
customized for us and he likes some moody tone as well~ we are very
satisfied and had so much confidence on you on our Big day!!!

After reading the comments, surely I’m very very very happy! But this recall my memory for being an individual wedding photographer. 11 yrs ago, there are not much individual wedding photographers, many of us are from different companies. I cherish and love that eras, since I’m free on styles and creations.

What make us (individual photographer) to be differed from others is , our Creativity , our Mind and our Passions! I can now seeing many and many wedding photographers are rushing into the market but they are not doing their own things but  to produce many CAN Food for clients and the CAN foods are with very very similar style!

When can we make changes? People can change and can be changed. But how about our industry?

Company: Photo.G. Production
Clients: Ron & Joseph
Photographer: Gary Li
Web-site: http://www.Lcygary.com

Jasmine & Jason Wedding Day Photo

I really Love this picture! With all guests praising and Love shown in this photo!

Jasmine and Jason came to my studio to have the first visit around 1 yr ago and during the meeting, I can really feel how passionate they’re with their wedding and their expectations on wedding photos.

To a Wedding Photographer, a high expectation from clients usually bring upon 2 points, 1st; Happy to see such client and hope to cope with those difficulties and looking forward to have some breakthroughs. 2nd; pressure. LUCKILY, my work is appreciated by them, haha!

Gwa is really important to all chinese brides, the design, the sewing techniques and the shine of the Dragons and Phoenixes.

Stylish and Elegant.

A very beautiful team of bridesmaids fair-welling the newly weds!

I love this photo much! So childish!

The Magic Moment!

Please, do not miss the slideshow;

Jasmine Vimeo

Company: Photo.G. Production
Clients: Jasmine & Jason
Photographer: Gary Li
Web-site: http://www.Lcygary.com
Date: 5 Nov 2011

Crystal & Stanley Wedding Day Photo + Slideshow

Crystal and Stanley are two very gentle persons and with polite. They had the wedding day set on 1 Oct 2011 which is easy to remember and let many friends to share their Joy!

The gold bracelets are come many blessings attached from their parents and relatives. I love to manage them into good shapes to shoot with.

Curious bride.

Crystal’s papa was very very excited!

The them is set, and the couple is ready!

God is here.

Look! This fisheye shot is cool and it’s a Once-in-a-blue-moon!

Nice ring box!

Happiness and Joy shown on the the faces on the newly weds and guests! Happy Wedding!

Here’s the same day slideshow created by me and I added the voice over of their vows in the begging, let’s enjoy!

Gary Li Wedding Photography vimeo 

Photo.G. Production
Photographer: Gary Li
lients: Wendy & Stephen
Call now: 92254725
e-mail: gary@lcygary.com
Studio: FLAT A, 3/F, Charmhill Centre, 50 Hillwood Road, Tsim Sha Tsui


Heidi & Leung Wedding Day Slideshow

Clients: Heidi & Leung

Wedding Day: 4 Dec 2009
Preparing Same Day Screening Slide becomes part of my photography life, especially on wedding days shooting. With very less time, (approx. 2 hours), I have to choose the photos, calibrate them and to do some retouches. And in order to reserve the high quality and smoothness, I gotta use the video editing software. This makes me stress and hurry some times. 
I will try to do some more same day screening since my clients love them a lot and this is the motivation.

Mei & Joseph Wedding Day

Clients: Mei & Joseph

Wedding Day: 18 Nov 2009

Venue: The Upper House + Hong Kong Country Club

Goodmake-up in the morning made Mei happy.

It's not hard to find a good perspective to get the Gown hanging straight and with the right lighting.

Prasing from the bridesmaids.

Rap by Joseph and wtih the nice dancing with his friends.

Which hand is Mei's? you can figure it out very easily, not taken by one camera but 2!

A Long Kiss!

Mei chose this hotel, The Upper House because she was amazed by the interior architecture and we decided to capture some good shots in it before moving to Hong Kong Country Club.

A grand shot!

Nice sunny day at Hong Kong Country Club. But actually it was the coldest day of 2009, 12 degress! Everyone was freezing!

Shooting before taking steps to the ceremony.

Another shot.

I sticked my face to the gound to get the position and perspective right for this photo.

A candid flowers shot.

Blessings from God.

Everyone enjoyed the moment, let's step back and to see the whole picture!

Marching-out represents a newly weds is ready to get along hand in hand in the future!


And the moments alive!


Cheers and Congradtulations!