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Heidi & Falcon Wedding Day Photography

Heidi and Falcon are the most cheerful couple that I ever met.

With the help of our photographer, we splited into 2 team int he morning, Lui helped me to capture the Groom.

And me for the Bride's side. You'll see how they merged in the Same Day Slide.


The March-Out!


I love getting pictures done at the windows side or adverse lighting condition, aimed to keep all the details and the atmosphere!

Reflection of the Sedan.

We're at the very extreme condition, check out the strong sunshine at the background and you'll see how the contrast comes out. Lovely!

I never gave up to present photos in B&W tone. Natural, neutral and timeless!

And amibient lighting.

Check out our same day slide,

See also Heidi and Falcon's Pre Wedding Photos.

Clients: Heidi & Falcon
Venue: Aberdeen Marina Club
Photographer: Gary Li
Date: 28 May 2010
Company: Photo.G. Production
Web Site: http://www.Lcygary.com


Wedding Day Photography (Amy & Taka)

Amy & Taka, nice couple, cheerful and really trust me for being their photographer.

Started by the rings.

Taka in Motion.

I found Amy is really charming in this shot and some more close-ups follows, I can't help , haha.

I'm not a shoeaholic, but again, I can't help myself to shoot beautiful stuffs.

My classic shot.

And how can I miss the wedding favours?

I don't even wanna miss the moments that we can take some intimate shots for the couples.

And the love and joy shared with the 2 generations.

And friends…. (see how we demonstrate the photos which are taken in front of the backdrop, we usually prepare a set of studio flash to produce some very very clear and sharp and nice and bright enough group photos for you.)

Yes! It's so-called standard but if we do not have a high standard, how could we develop the better skills and with a higher quality of photos to meet the high demand from our clients?

It's cool that I could enter the panel of the ballroom, thanks to Hyatt Regency HK staffs!

The March-in!



I love capturing the happiest faces.

And some funny ones.

What were they looking?

Slideshow from the Japanese master, really fast-pace but simple, unlike the HK style.

The banquet ends with a jumping shot. See, some are lazy, haha!

Clients: Amy & Taka
Venue: Hyatt
Regency Hong Kong

Photographer: Gary Li
Date: Feb 2010
Company: Photo.G. Production
Web Site: http://www.Lcygary.com