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Photography Workshop ii

It's been a nice time to share more and in-depth in this workshop ii. I spent couple of hours to take some photos and to prepare the powerpoint. I love them and I hope that the participants enjoyed.

Well, I love to be Gary Li, but sometimes I'm Gary Lee.

A "Lunch Training"!

I added a little practicum session in this workshop and it seemed that everyone love it and feel interested in it.

Thanks for the present, I love it much!

Date: 22 June 2009

Time: 1230-1400

Client: Dairy Farm

Agency: Hong Kong Family Welfare Society


It's my busiest summer ever, some new jobs and some new planning in the near future, will share more frequent soon!



Happiness is to be a child!

I shot for Children when I began my Photography Career. And after 9 years, I was requested by my cousin to make an attempt to the field again. For me, coping with kids is an easy job, I was trained to cope with kid on photography and I was a social worker for the playgroups. So if you have any problem on coping with kids, just ring me and I could share some experiences with you!

The photographer was being photographered.

With the great help by mommy, Lydia got her perfect smile.

Sometimes, we can let child to be themselves. And you'll got their happiest smile and wonderful posts! And a free-hand is always the key point to maintain good relationship between you and the kid!

I should post more Eunice's photos afterwards, she's a happy babe! So Cute!

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