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Pre Wedding Photo (Dorothy + Peter e-session)

Dorothy and Peter were stars of the 9.9.9. They were on TV when I took pictures for their registration. They're having the banqueting in the coming Oct  and before that we did set of pre wedding photos.

D & P didn't want a set of oridinary wedding photos ; no green trees and blue sky please! And D suggested to take some COOL stuffs in the old districts, say YMT Fruit Market or else. Findally we drilled into the fruit market and did some good ones.

Once in a Blue Moon shot. The bartender was very kind and she invited us to go into the bar when we're taking photos outside.

It was a wonderful day and we enjoyed the shooting much. Looking forward to your big day! Dorothy and Peter!

Clients: Dorothy & Peter
Photographer: Gary Li
Company: Photo.G. Production
Web Site: http://www.Lcygary.com
Contact: 92254725


Kathryn & Michael Pre Wedding Photos ( Engagement Photo )

Kathryn and Michael are friends of my former clients Nancy and Kelvin. And for for trusting me to be your Pre Wedding & Wedding Day Photographer.

I love shooting in the city.

Simple and no gimmick.

Old Fashioned House is one of the themes of this project.


1881 night scene.

Sometimes we forget.

When we were young.

And now, we're here.

Clients: Kathryn and Michael
Photographer: Gary Li
Date: May 2010
Company: Photo.G. Production
Web Site: http://www.Lcygary.com

Vincy & Anthony Pre Wedding Photography (e-session)

Some new ideas and techniques come up in this album. And Thanks for Vinci & Anthony, they give their supports on every move on the pics and to let me express my ideas in the photos by my way and with my crazy ideas.

Be Fascinated. I chose this photo to be my ad at Wedding Magazine APR 2010 issue.


I love the special texture of the photo.

Simple is beautiful!

And one more simple shot with vivid colours.

I love to try out more colour tone and scheme in the set of pre wed photos. Since you'll never know and you can't imagine the what suits you best!

Love this one!

Very calm and pretty bride.

Dramatic one.

Yes. Love and passion.

Elegancy is another style that I love to stress on the bride photos.

Use of Frame. Make you focus!

Vintage Vinci.

Let the details move you!

The old buildings attract people to stay around and to take such good pics!

Vinci and Anthony love this venue much and Vinci says that she love looks like the Advertisement of the real estate.

Reflection + Colour night scene.

Clients: Vincy & Anthony
Photographer: Gary Li
Date: Feb 2010
Company: Photo.G. Production
Web Site: http://www.Lcygary.com

Pre Wedding Photography (e-session) Heidi & Falcon

Heidi & Falcon are very young couple. They reached me and engaged the pre wedding and wedding day photography together, thanks again for their appreciation.

They claimed that this photo is long lasting, and very romantic. Heidi asked me to post this photo for a must.haha.

Look how Sunny and Cheerful they are.

We took some photos at 1881 before heading to Shek O.

I love the very natural but passionate photo like this one.

This is quite a breakthrough for me! So cool tone but elegant!

I call this shot a piece of ART.



Thanks god that they love the special colour tone and calibration of colours! So that I could have more room to put more artisitc mind in the photos.

Magic moment.

We've done some studio shots in the morning and they started to perform very well already.

Look! How Sweet!!!

I can feel the Peace and Love in the photo, do you?

Clients: Heidi & Falcon
Photographer: Gary Li
Date: Mar 2010
Company: Photo.G. Production
Web Site: http://www.Lcygary.com

Pre Wedding (e-session) of Yo Yo & Stephen

It was a nice nice day! Nice weather, though a little bit cool but clear sky and lovely sunshine, check this out!

Yes! We started at Sheung Shui "Chi Tong"!

When east meets west. We moved to a western college and took some really beautiful shots here.

Blue Sky, Green + Red leaves and beautiful newly weds.

To me, I love to use my photos to tell the true true stories and it's Simply Best!

So comfortable under the sun.

We're at Cambridge.

Candid shot.

Romantic B&W is my best choice.

Vintage colour attracts people.

I love to shoot at Legco. But not in the normale perspectives!

High Contrast to get you to the objective!

Simple lovely portrait, no gimmicks!

Oh, nearly forget this great Magic Moment! It's magic, its fabulous, it's romantic, it's everything! Just Love it!

Clients: Yo Yo & Stephen
Photographer: Gary Li
Company: Photo.G. Production
Web Site: http://www.Lcygary.com

2009年 & 2010年 最佳婚禮攝影 Best Wedding Photography

It's So EXCITED to receive BEST PHOTOGRAPHY from Wedding Magazine again. It's a reward from all the efforts taken by me and my colleagues. Thanks for my partner and colleagues of everything they do for me and Photo.G. Production and I'd love to share my happiness with them.

"Click the images above to view a larger image"

Please come to share the joy and to share my photography!

Please join us at Facebook and there will be some benefits for my facebook fans, terms and conditions will be noticed shortly.

CHEERS 2010, CHEERS Brides & Grooms -to be!

Debbie + Sidney Pre Wedding Photo (e-session)

Here comes Pre Wedding Photos of Debbie + Sidney

Sweet and Warm!

Cityscape is one of my best choice.

Funny and happy!

Nice place to shoot, brick colour provide with a very warm touch of the photo.

Simple and natural shots is always my best choice.

What a photo needed? Passion yet elegant!

Low key photos attract clients these days, back to the trend of yesterday. It's old, it's cold but it lasts forever.

Debbie and Sidney is the best model of mine, see how they demonstrate the passion and elegance.


Look how energetic they are!

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Pre-wedding Photography (e-session) Clara & Horace

Love at Bethanie, Love at HKU, Love at Central….

Love is all around!

As a wedding photographer, I love to giving advices to clients and I love to receive feedbacks from them too! I always try to satisfy clients with my passion and they shown in the pictures.

Heritage 1881, a hot venue for pre-wedding.

Love @ Bethanie

Love @ HKU

Love @ Central


Clients: Clara & Horace

Photographer: Gary Li @ Photo.G. Production

Lighting Expert: Danny Yung @ Photo.G. Production

Calibrator: Danny Yung @ Photo.G. Production

Art Direction: Gary Li @ Photo.G. Production










Photography Workshop ii

It's been a nice time to share more and in-depth in this workshop ii. I spent couple of hours to take some photos and to prepare the powerpoint. I love them and I hope that the participants enjoyed.

Well, I love to be Gary Li, but sometimes I'm Gary Lee.

A "Lunch Training"!

I added a little practicum session in this workshop and it seemed that everyone love it and feel interested in it.

Thanks for the present, I love it much!

Date: 22 June 2009

Time: 1230-1400

Client: Dairy Farm

Agency: Hong Kong Family Welfare Society


It's my busiest summer ever, some new jobs and some new planning in the near future, will share more frequent soon!


Happiness is to be a child!

I shot for Children when I began my Photography Career. And after 9 years, I was requested by my cousin to make an attempt to the field again. For me, coping with kids is an easy job, I was trained to cope with kid on photography and I was a social worker for the playgroups. So if you have any problem on coping with kids, just ring me and I could share some experiences with you!

The photographer was being photographered.

With the great help by mommy, Lydia got her perfect smile.

Sometimes, we can let child to be themselves. And you'll got their happiest smile and wonderful posts! And a free-hand is always the key point to maintain good relationship between you and the kid!

I should post more Eunice's photos afterwards, she's a happy babe! So Cute!

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