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Wedding Day Slideshow (Wendy & Stephen)

Testimonial from Stephen after his wedding day ;

Dear Gary,

I would like to say thanks to you and your
team work on my big day. The photos in the same day slideshow are really
nice and catch the touching moment. Look forward to see the remaining
photos later.

Check out the slideshow by clicking the picture below ;

Photo.G. Production
Photographer: Gary Li

Clients: Wendy & Stephen
Call now: 92254725
e-mail: gary@lcygary.com
Studio: FLAT A, 3/F, Charmhill Centre, 50 Hillwood Road, Tsim Sha Tsui


Lily Ann & Jacko Same Day Screening (Photo Slideshow)

Lily Ann & Jacko
Young Couple and always with the most lovely smiles on Lily Ann's face. We worked out this Same Day Slideshow right after the outdoor shooting and with a fruitful outcome and which is liked by many clients and web-surfers on Facebook. 
And as mentioned in the previous blog, we had some changes on our rate card. Please take a look as follows or to download a larger (A5-size printable) as follows,

Please check out our new portfolio and new CANVAS PRINT at our studio.

Debbie + Sidney Wedding Day Photo

Click here to take a look of their same day screening.

Debbie & Sidney are the youngest couple that I shot for wedding + pre-wedding. They're pretty, funny and energetic! They are the most impressive clients that I had ever met.

Good View! Worths a trillion!

A baby face!

I love hanging the wedding gown next to the window, then I can take all the details into the pictures.

"With Compliments

Lung Fung Ak!

A Bling Bling instant camera, Love it love it!

Beautiful bridemaids!

Funny Sidney, really a good participant of the games!


Bride is always the focus on the wedding day."

Good shooting venue is everywhere, every little thing could inspire me!

It's here, it's there.

A Panorama style to demonstrate these 2 photos is needed.


I love capturing parents, they always be the happiest people in every wedding.

A tasty cake, best to serve with coffee.

Big Group shooting is needed on a wedding day, everyone enjoyed it much.

I really love this photo, simple and natural, black & white gives a strong sense of art, just love it!

So after the outdoor portrait session, Debbie suddenly gave me a little bag, and said "Happy Birthday!!!"

Oh, she remembers my birthday and Sidney remembered that, how warm! And a kiss made me so happyyyyyy!

Check out my birthday card! They're really really Sai Sum!

I can't help myself to do this funny shot with them! Yeah!


Date of Shooting: 20 Dec 2009 (um..my Birthday, haha!)

Clients: Debbie & Sidney

Venue: Renaissance Harbour View Hotel Hong Kong +
HKCEC (some banqueting photos will be posted soon! then you'll see their good taste)

Wedding Planner: http://www.to-gether.net/


FINAL CALL for Current Rate Benefit!

Please call us to arrange meeting to check out our portfolios! And don't miss the chance to benefit from current rate! A new rate will be launch on 1 Jan 2009 and the increments will be at around 25-35 per cents.

Heidi & Leung Wedding Day Slideshow

Clients: Heidi & Leung

Wedding Day: 4 Dec 2009
Preparing Same Day Screening Slide becomes part of my photography life, especially on wedding days shooting. With very less time, (approx. 2 hours), I have to choose the photos, calibrate them and to do some retouches. And in order to reserve the high quality and smoothness, I gotta use the video editing software. This makes me stress and hurry some times. 
I will try to do some more same day screening since my clients love them a lot and this is the motivation.

Mei & Joseph Wedding Day

Clients: Mei & Joseph

Wedding Day: 18 Nov 2009

Venue: The Upper House + Hong Kong Country Club

Goodmake-up in the morning made Mei happy.

It's not hard to find a good perspective to get the Gown hanging straight and with the right lighting.

Prasing from the bridesmaids.

Rap by Joseph and wtih the nice dancing with his friends.

Which hand is Mei's? you can figure it out very easily, not taken by one camera but 2!

A Long Kiss!

Mei chose this hotel, The Upper House because she was amazed by the interior architecture and we decided to capture some good shots in it before moving to Hong Kong Country Club.

A grand shot!

Nice sunny day at Hong Kong Country Club. But actually it was the coldest day of 2009, 12 degress! Everyone was freezing!

Shooting before taking steps to the ceremony.

Another shot.

I sticked my face to the gound to get the position and perspective right for this photo.

A candid flowers shot.

Blessings from God.

Everyone enjoyed the moment, let's step back and to see the whole picture!

Marching-out represents a newly weds is ready to get along hand in hand in the future!


And the moments alive!


Cheers and Congradtulations!

拉闊香港 – Report of Photo.G. Production

拉闊香港 is a magazine based in Guang Zhou, and their editor contacted me for photos and did an interview for our company, here to share.

Photo.G. Production 在香港已成立9年,Gary Li(Chief Photographer)被婚禮雜誌選為2009年度最佳攝影師。
踏入攝影旅程經已9個年頭,Gary一直拍攝觸動心靈的作品。他認為婚禮攝影發揮的空間很大,透過攝影師的個人感覺,將每對新人以至賓客的情感流露,刻劃在照片當中。「婚禮當日,新人固然是主角焦點,從中你會發現許多有趣的小事物,令照片有著其獨特色彩。」Gary十分關注Every Little Thing,情感交流是婚禮攝影不能忽略的一環,當然,最自然、最細微的地方必然是Gary會捕捉的事物。

Testimonial from Nancy & Kelvin

Nancy & Kelvin joined our package for Pre Wedding and Wedding Day Packages and we did a lot of good shots those are satisfied by the couple. 
Here to share their Wedding Day photo slideshow. We did some shots at my studio in the afternoon and I think this is a good idea. You can arrange 2 hours to have the shots during your wedding day and please wait for the last part of the slide to have a preview.
A higher quality available at my facebook

And few days after their wedding, I received a thank you card from them, their words really moved me.





Thank you so much!

Nancy & Kelvin

Being an official photographer of Chiram Group

Chiram Strategic Group is a Giant in its industry and famous in the field. I met the Managing Director when I was shooting for his booth at Hofex

We met, we appreciated each other and things going smooth when Mr. Moss Bakar needs some great portraits for magazines. He became the first client to be shot at my studio (photos will be posted later on…stay tuned!). Then I'm glad that he invites me to shoot for his new restaurant opening.

It's a fusion restaurant (Italian X Indian), you'll see the magic…

Big Cheese!


I fall in love with Fungi after visiting Firenze and I love all Fungi recipe.

Romantic scene

A famous Musical Chef from Italy, very funny guy!

A Tenor is singing for the guests.

Yes! The photo taken by me was posted on SCMP.

Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara Product Launch

Are you using Fake Lash for on your wedding day or during your prewedding shooting?

Try Max Factor False Lash Mascara ! You don't need to stick and remove ! The product is going to launch in Aug 2009 in HK market. Here's the product launch show, enjoy!

Impressive Banner!

Nice stage.

Rick is showing how the falsh lash FAKED all the people in the show. (I mean , all people guessed Jocelyn is using a fake lash on her left lashes but actually it's False Lash Effect Mascara)

Catwalk Show.

A solo for Bernice, her smile was really really charming!

Smart Catwalkers.

The show attracted so many celebrities in town, this is Miss Yellow.

Jolie Chan and Ra'beea Yeung.

I've many experiences on shooting models and celebrities. But what Jocelyn amazed me is she let me know what is a "Professional Model".

And "Star" !

Another young model in the show, Maggie.

When I asked Bernice is I could take a photo with her, she replied very very softly  "梗係得啦!" So sweet…..

How fortune that I could have a photo with the supermodel! She's sweet and with the touch of "Star".

I gave me card to Rick, and introduced myself. I was very excited to see this Make-up Master. And I have to say that I'm really a fan of him. Check out my serious and exciting face, haha!

Very good experience and some events are coming soon, stay tuned!

Date: 7 July 2009

Venue: Island Shangri-la, Hong Kong

PR Firm: Solutions Public Relations Ltd