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May & Bentley Wedding day Photo + Slideshow

Trust and appreciations from clients are really the motivation for me to survive in the field for 12 years. Here’s my thread capture at my facebook,

“睇完same day slide, 新娘對我豎起姆指, 新郎在敬酒期間捉住我話好鐘意其中一張相。 種種、種種.構成我在十一個年頭仍在此行頭打併。”

Let me share their photos and slideshow with you!

And here’s the slideshow,

Gary Li Wedding Day Photo 婚禮照片 slideshow vimeo


Company: Photo.G. Production

Clients: May & Bentley
Photographer: Gary Li
Web-site: Lcygary.com
Date: 9 Jan 2012