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Maggie & Mark Wedding Photo (Peninsula + 玫瑰堂 )

Maggie & Mark are very young and cheerful couple, I still remember how friendly they were the 1st time we met. And they're the only couple who booked our service without any initial interview at all, very impressive!

A very classic and elegant scene. And Yes! I love the reflection!

A Nice morning and wedding starts with the golden stuffs! Love this tradition and please keep up! Though the price of gold is now unbelievably high!

Ferragamo is the best companion with The Peninsula.

See! How cheerful she was!

And very very funny brothers + Groom.


Reflection again!

I love to take photos in a 3rd person vision.

Blessings from the Saints.

I love the touch of black and white much and it's still my favourite tone after ten years concentrating on Wedding Photography.


Touch of love and passion.

It's beautiful that having so many claps and blessings from friends and relatives.

And this is the stage of the newlyweds!

Very romantic touch of sense.

Lover over the bridge.

I love Peninsula, it's quite a vintage and fusion the modern and classic look, no matters what costumes you're on, it helps you to pop out from the pictures.

A Dr. Tea working place.

A very Shanghai-listic and vintage feel inside 嘉麟樓.

Once in a blue moon!

Company: Photo.G. Production
Clients: Maggie & Mark
Photographer: Gary Li
Web-site: www.Lcygary.com
Date: Jul 2010