All Round Player



Sep 2007, In’s Magazine

I love to shoot.


I’m a photo-holic! I can shoot whenever I see the interesting stuffs. Landscapes, sceneries, people, architectures, tiny stuffs,etc.


What I always keep in mind is “how can this photo tells the story???” I will ask myself this question before shooting and I can do the trigger in a fraction of a second most of the times. I can’t wait to shoot whenever the interesting subjects come to me, I don’t care what I have in hand, a compact camera, a hasselblad

, an iphone…


Images help people to memorize times, people, scenes, to me, they’re my breathes.


I breath deeply before every trigger to make my hands hold the cameras stably and to make up my mind, to think and to compose clearly, and to make sure that every trigger is accurate in timing and meaning.


As a photographer, being ALL-ROUND is essential and he should be ready to shoot different subjects and this is what I’m still learning.


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