Kammy & Dennis ( Wedding Day Photos )

Bad Weather, but Good Mood!!!

Photos taken at Caprice, Four Seasons Hotel. It was a small party which is accompanied with the registration inside the restaturant. Undoubtedly, the venue itself was very romantic and moody but it's quite hard to shoot with due to the low ambient lighting and mixing lighting condition. But thanks to my No.1 lighting assistant to create the very good lighting help for me on the day.

I chose only the portrats in the set and Happy Wedding, Kammy & Dennis!

The set of photos started with the the beautiful photo above, @ Caprice.

Raining is a very good scenerio to shoot with. Bad Weather, Good Mood!

The Wall!

I love the low ambient lighting condition in the restaurant, very warm and cozy.

Clients: Kammy & Dennis
Photographer: Gary Li
Date: June 2010
Company: Photo.G. Production
Web Site: http://www.Lcygary.com
Contact: 92254725


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