Goretti & Lung Wedding Day Photography

It's a breath-taking picture. I concentrated in a fraction of a second to take this photo. And spent an hour to retouch in the post production, I don't wanna lose-a-thing; colour, contrast, details, lighting….
6:00am starts.

Goretti is a very charming bride, yet a professional make-up artist. She has a good camea face!
The bridesmaids are very friendly and happy. And I love the natural feelings from their faces in this pic.

Pray for the church ceremony?
Lung, shall we go now?
A good mood of picture, is shot from heart it shouldn't varied by the environment.

Dad to do this, is meaningful.

See, again, check out Goretti's camera face.

The picture above is a romantic one but when we were taking the photo below, a babe was coming to have a peek of them, wow, how can I miss the moment?

Good magic hour moment.

Elegance you can afford.


Under a full moon.

Silhouette should be appeared everywhere, every moment.

I love this Sam Pan shot a lot, I think I should send one to the Tourism Board and to persuade more tourists to come to HK for wedding photography! And I would like to persuade our Hong Kong Government that Wedding Photographers should be cherished and respected, please do not exploit our shooting venues, like HKU, Tai Po Train Museum, etc.
Happy Wedding! Goretti and Lung Goh!

Photo.G. Production
Photographer: Gary Li
Call now: 92254725
Web-site: www.Lcygary.com

Venue: St. Magaret's Church, Crowne Plaza Hotel , 銅鑼灣避風塘


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