Nadia & John Wedding Day Photos

Nadia & John is a romantic and happy couple. They had their wedding with wonderful planning but very easy-going and let me to plan how to shoot all the scenes. With the trust from N & J, I put all the effort on capturing the happiest and genuine moments throughout the day.

I love black & white photos a lot, it seems that they could help us to freeze the moment and to add some wonderful mood on them.

Gentlemen appeared on the day.

Cheers! Gals!

The love from Dad to the Daughter. When they walked into the church, it seemed that Dad was delivering the fortune to the newly weds.

I love this photo much, you can see many details and emotions express on everyone’s face.

Love is witnessed!

The laughter was recorded.

This is the first time that I shoot at night of Bathenie. It’s just superb!

Happy tears ran out from the beautiful bride.

Dancing session was the most excited and happy session during banqueting. Everything was happy and exciting. I love to capture candid moments and I really enjoyed in it.

Thanks Nadia & John! Thanks for hiring us to be your wedding photographers and we enjoyed much.

Company: Photo.G. Production
Clients: Nadia and John
Date: 7 Oct 2012
Venue: The Bethanie and Hong Kong Parkview
Photographer: Gary Li

Photo.G. @ Flickr


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