Crystal & Stanley Wedding Day Photo + Slideshow

Crystal and Stanley are two very gentle persons and with polite. They had the wedding day set on 1 Oct 2011 which is easy to remember and let many friends to share their Joy!

The gold bracelets are come many blessings attached from their parents and relatives. I love to manage them into good shapes to shoot with.

Curious bride.

Crystal’s papa was very very excited!

The them is set, and the couple is ready!

God is here.

Look! This fisheye shot is cool and it’s a Once-in-a-blue-moon!

Nice ring box!

Happiness and Joy shown on the the faces on the newly weds and guests! Happy Wedding!

Here’s the same day slideshow created by me and I added the voice over of their vows in the begging, let’s enjoy!

Gary Li Wedding Photography vimeo 

Photo.G. Production
Photographer: Gary Li
lients: Wendy & Stephen
Call now: 92254725
Studio: FLAT A, 3/F, Charmhill Centre, 50 Hillwood Road, Tsim Sha Tsui


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